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3 More Reasons to Come to Florida

Florida is not only a dream spot for vacationers but is also a desirable location to live. Gorgeous views along swamps, grasslands, and beaches are ideal habitats for unique species. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should plan your next vacation in Florida.


Florida’s large human population makes it easy to overlook the state’s commitment to the environment and its nonhuman residents. The Sunshine State is a world apart in both its climate and its landscape. Surrounded on all sides by the sea, Florida boasts one of the most highly diverse marine species in the world. 

The Florida Keys archipelago is home to the globe’s third-largest barrier reef system. Through snorkeling and scuba diving you can enjoy close encounters with dolphins, turtles, corals sharks and 15,000 other species of fish. You may see whales and several of 40 species of sea birds like terns and pelicans. Manatees, stingrays, and dolphins can be glimpsed off the Gulf Coast and the famous Loggerhead spotted along the Atlantic Coast. Florida has ensured its diverse wildlife has a permanent home with its wide array of National Parks and sanctuaries near lakes and rivers and on beaches. There is, of course, the renowned Everglades wilderness with 2,500 square miles of wetlands where you can bicycle or tour by boat to see egrets or alligators. Other areas abound though. You can kayak or canoe through Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge near Naples to see several endangered animals like the peregrine falcon and green turtle.


School safety is more of a priority than ever after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy. Reforms have been implemented to keep children safe and greater measures are in place to track who can obtain firearms. Another key focus is on road safety and impaired driving. And while people nationwide continue to drink and drive, Florida lawmakers and law enforcement are working tirelessly to make Florida a land of safety. A second DUI in Florida, for example, will earn you a mandatory interlock ignition device be installed in your car. 

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles continues to focus on highway safety through education. While you are likely to encounter high crime rates in most major cities across the nation, Florida has many safe urban areas that span the entire state from Jacksonville to Weston to Tallahassee. A large number of cities in Florida continue to experience a downward trend in both violent and property-based crimes.


When you visit Florida, there is not just one place near a certain city to have fun. Florida has amusement parks and big-time attractions everywhere. Disney World and Busch Gardens near Orlando and Tampa, respectively, are household names worldwide. Sea World encompasses a marine zoological park, a few amusement parks, and animal exhibits. Children and adults can experience the history of the United States’ space program with a journey through Kennedy Space Center. Not far is St. Augustine with the oldest masonry fort in the nation, Castillos de San Marcos. Finally, the Fairchild Tropical Garden’s palms, cycads, and flowering plants are beautiful and fascinating. You can choose a butterfly or fruit garden in which to enjoy a peaceful afternoon. Known as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” Destin is great place to visit and enjoy the sand, surf, and fishing that the emerald coast has to offer. 

Florida is highly coveted as a destination by tourists and vacationers. It just has so much to offer! Because of its beautiful parks and beaches, attention to public safety, and its expansive collection of entertainment options, you should definitely keep Florida in mind the next time you are planning a vacation.

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