St. Augustine

St. Augustine Beach F Street

F Street

Even when it gets crowded, St. Augustine Beach is excellent. When you find it empty, it’s the most amazing place in Florida. Make it a point on your St. Augustine vacation to spend some time on the beach. And some more time, and even more time.

St. Augustine Beach is a small community on the east shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The town has a great vibe, brought to life with unique restaurants, surf culture, sunshine, and much more. The community is just a couple miles long, and very compact. Almost every road leads to the beach.

The beach is what we’re reading for, so let’s talk about it. The pictures here are from the F Street access boardwalk. There’s a bike rack and trash cans located at the start of the walkover. So you start to cross the dunes, and then you see the sun, just hiding a little bit behind a palm.

Shortly, the boards give way to sand, and you’ve reached an amazing location. The fencing starts up, wooden slats that cast fascinating shadows. Gopher turtles do what turtles do out between dunes, not even noticing you’re there.

You crest the next hill, the trail grows wider, and there it is, St. Augustine Beach. It’s a wide open space, just sand and sea oats between you, and the early morning swim you’ve been dreaming of. Down between the dunes you go, kicking off your shoes as you go, to the waters edge. You wade in, and it’s the most luxurious feeling you know, as the salt water washes over you.

The ending of this story depends on you, and how you’ll spend the rest of your day here. Hunting seashells, tanning, fishing, surfing? What will you do?

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