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4 Tips For Using Technology To Up Your Fishing Game

Whether you’re an avid fisher or enjoy casting a line on occasion, catching a fish can be a victory worth the wait. If you haven’t found much recent success with this hobby, you might be looking for ways to improve your fishing technique. Fortunately, the tech below can help improve your game.


New fishing GPS units are more advanced than ever before. In addition to having sharp images that give you visibility under the water, they also have touch-screen functionality that allows you to zoom in and out. Trails explains how you can use GPS to track the way you came so you can trace your path back to your favorite spot easily. If you want to know where fish are without searching around for hours, this is one tool you won’t regret bringing on board.

To ensure you get the most out of this, don’t forget to read the guidebook for yours before going out. This can teach you a lot about using the unit and maximizing its capabilities.

Fishing Apps

You always have your phone with you, so why not use it to help improve your fishing game? There are many choices of apps, beginning with those that connect you with other fishers to find the very best spots and which bait has been the most effective. Additionally, there are fishing apps that let you record your catches, look at sonar charts, and find areas with the best activity. Pligg has a list of apps, both free and premium, that you can grab on app stores.

Fish Finder

Fish finders have been quickly advancing in technology. It used to be you had to use a whole boat to get the most out of this technology, but recently more portable fish finder technologies are becoming more popular. Sonar technology is advancing quickly, and can quickly up your fishing game. Fish Finder has a list of different sonar technologies you can pick up based on price and function.

Underwater Cameras

If you want to take fishing to the next level, you can’t miss out on having an underwater camera. The newest models not only record but they are lightweight and extremely portable, so you’ll be able to use them anywhere. Once you’ve chosen a spot to fish for the day, set this up to see if any fish come looking for your bait. In-Fisherman has several reviews for fishing cameras that gives a fairly in depth analysis of each. It is an excellent tool for finding the perfect spot to cast.

Of course, all the technology in the world won’t help if you don’t have the proper bait. Still, if you are in a new area, or just wanting to try out some new toys on the water try out some of these cool toys. Use them according to directions, and you’ll be a better fisher in no time.

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