Video Gallery

Vacation Rentals Video Gallery.

Find your perfect vacation spot with a condo, home, or apartment offered by First Choice Florida Vacation Rentals. We have a video gallery of our homes to make it easy. 

The videos are made from the same images you’ll find on the property pages. This makes it a bit easier to view them all, without clicking endlessly. The rental unit videos were made by Step by Step Photography, who have done most of our home photography. Videos comprised of St. Augustine Scenery have been compiled by Entropy Media, who have taken all the rest of the images on our websites. 

The video player on the property page can be viewed in pop-up fashion, which allows you to concentrate on the video and ignore the rest of the website. When the video is done playing, just click anywhere on the page to close it and return to your previous screen.

We will gladly host video for any St. Augustine attractions you may want to see in advance of your visit. Please contact us via email at with any footage requests. Some requests can be filled with existing footage, and some will be filled with new footage. It will depend on the photographer, the weather, and the time schedule to get the footage.