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A Traveler’s Guide to Food and Liquor Pairings

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Local Flavor

If you’re like most people, then eating local food is one of your favorite parts of traveling somewhere new. Oftentimes, travel tends to bring out a person’s inner foodie as they begin to gain a greater appreciation for different flavor profiles.

While it’s good to go into new eating experiences with an open mind, having a general understanding of what you’re tasting will make you appreciate the cuisine all the more. If you’re interested in enhancing your restaurant experience, then take a look at this guide to pairing food and liquors.

Opposites Attract

One of the most important tips to remember when pairing foods and liquors is that opposites attract. You want the crisp tartness of the fruits and juices you use in your mixed drink to contrast and bring out the bold flavor of the liquor. You also want it to contrast with the food and bring out underlying flavors. Keep this idea in mind while ordering drinks with your meal.

Complementing Elements

While opposites attract, you also want them to complement one another in an alluring way so that you can take a bite of food, a drink of liquor and so on. If the two don’t complement one another, then don’t pair them together.

The food and liquor pairing should be satisfying and enjoyable. In short, the liquor should make the food taste better—bringing out flavors you didn’t realize were present in the food before.

Consider the Body of the Liquor

If you order a mixed drink, such a Bloody Mary, then the liquor’s texture and flavor will change drastically once it’s combined. For instance, a Bloody Mary has a thicker texture and taste of tomatoes, which pairs well with the lighter fare. But you probably wouldn’t want to pair a Bloody Mary with pizza.

A lot of food and liquor pairings come from experience and a willingness to try new things. Determine what tastes good to you, and factor this into your eating experience choices. Of course, you can always ask for recommendations, but you’ll likely enjoy the food more if you took an active role in selecting it.

Now that you’ve channeled your inner food critic, you’re ready for a food-filled vacation. Book a beachside vacation in Florida, and then check out these great restaurants in St. Augustine. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the beach and the eating experience in equal measure.


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