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How to Decorate Your Beach Home Rental

How to Decorate Your Beach Home Rental

Are you a beach homeowner looking to rent? One of the best things you can do to prepare your property is decorate it in a trendy and appealing way. There are lots of different elements that can go into creating a comfortable and beautiful beach home. Here are a few things to consider as you’re preparing your rental home.

Embrace Nautical Themes

When most people think of beach homes, they usually imagine sun-bleached wood, whitewashed walls, large windows, and seashell accents. It is fun to go along with the traditional nautical themes that are so popular. Different shades of blue paired with gray and white create a calm, summery environment that will remind your renters of the deep ocean. Using sea glass as a backsplash or mosaic detail can replicate the ripples of the water while Adding nautical patterns and details like stripes, anchors, seashells, and waves can be fun details to tie your home décor into the surrounding location. You could even include vintage nautical pieces like life preservers, anchors, or an old wooden wheel of a ship. There are many ways that you can embrace nautical themes to bring the beach and ocean into your home.

Be Mindful of Water Damage

Since a beach home is usually surrounded by a lot of water, it is more than probable that your property will be exposed to water damage and wear and tear of the elements. You might want to have a home reparations inspector come to view your property to check for rotting wood, collapsed roofs, and other problems. One of the most common instances of water damage is mold that develops inside and outside the home. This happens a lot, especially in humid areas. Make sure that you regularly clean areas of your property that tend to be humid or retain water, like bathrooms, showers, mudrooms, and even the kitchen. A bit of bleach and elbow grease can clean up even the toughest mold without too much time. Make sure that you take the time to prevent water damage in your property.

Create Relaxing Spaces

It is important to create peaceful, relaxing spaces inside and out of your property. When people look to rent a beach home, they are usually wanting to find a quiet, airy space where they’ll be able to relax and enjoy themselves. Adding a porch or patio space can help to create a peaceful gathering space outdoors. Having some sort of a patio is a must-have with a beach property because it allows your guests to enjoy the relaxing nature of the surrounding elements. They will love to sit outside and feel the cool ocean breeze and hear the peaceful rush of the waves.

Choose Your Colors Carefully

When preparing your property to be rented, take time to consider the color palette that you’d like to achieve. Combinations of blue, green, and neutral tones work really well in beach homes because they reflect the beautiful colors of the surrounding nature. That being said, don’t feel like everything in your home has to be perfectly matching. One of the fun parts of owning a beach home is that you can blend different colors and textures to create a unique, beachy feel. It’s best to complement your furniture with the rest of the home rather than matching it.

Include Natural Touches

Finding furniture made of natural materials can be a successful way to bring the beauty of the outside nature inside your home. For example, driftwood is a really popular element that a lot of designers have been using to create natural-looking furniture like tables, lounge chairs, and dressers. Driftwood has a smooth texture from being washed in the waves and often has a bleached, faded look that is very trendy in beach and farm homes. Seashell-adorned pieces like side tables, mirrors, or table lamps can create beachy, textured finishing touches.

Achieve Natural Lighting

Try to include as many windows in your home design as possible. Having lots of windows in your beach home will help your guests to enjoy lots of bright, natural lighting. It will also bring an open, airy feel to your property and allow your guests to connect to the outdoors from the comforts of indoors. In addition, one perk of having lots of natural lighting is that your electricity bill will likely be lower as your guests won’t be turning on as many lights during the day. If you are concerned about maintaining privacy, try covering your windows with breezy, light curtains made out of beachy fabrics such as linen. This will help your guests to enjoy secluded privacy while the light still streams in through the curtain fabric.

White Shiplap: The Secret Sauce of Beach Homes

It is pretty well-known that white shiplap has returned to popularity, especially in farm homes and beach homes. Some people may think that white shiplap is a bit bland indoors, but when you pair it with beachy woods and textured details, you’ll have a dreamy interior on your hands. The great thing about white shiplap is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Lining your porch’s exterior with white shiplap is an easy way to create a classic beach home look. While your outdoor shiplap may need a bit of extra care, attention, or treatment to help it resist the elements, it will give your home the perfect exterior.

Don’t Forget the Backyard

While your guests may spend most of their outdoor time on the beach itself, it is still really nice to have a great backyard where they can relax after a long, hot day. Make sure that you include elements that will provide great entertainment like a grill, outdoor kitchen, and serving area. Your guests may also want to enjoy using a television or sound system. Having a pool or hot tub can be a great addition, as it provides a way to cool off while not at the beach.

Once you’ve read through all these beach home decoration tips, you may want to walk through your property and decide which ideas will work for your property. There are so many different ways that you can personalize your space to create the perfect beachy look. With just a bit of time, effort, and money, you’ll be able to transform your beach home into a prime vacation property, prepping it perfectly for many future renters.

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