St. Augustine

Golf Course

3 Fun Things to Do in St. Augustine

Known as the oldest city in the US, this idyllic Florida destination offers amazing Spanish architecture, beautiful sandy beaches, and a host of exciting attractions. In addition to the endless Florida sunshine, visitors to St. Augustine will delight in soaking up the history and culture of this gem. Here are three of the best things […]

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3 More Reasons to Come to Florida

Florida is not only a dream spot for vacationers but is also a desirable location to live. Gorgeous views along swamps, grasslands, and beaches are ideal habitats for unique species. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should plan your next vacation in Florida. Wildlife Florida’s large human population makes it […]

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Florida Home

Key Signs of Storm Damage to Look for

Key Signs of Storm Damage to Look for With winds topping 100 MPH, battering rain, golf-ball size hail, and tornadoes, hurricanes are a force to be reckoned with. These destructive tropical storms are categorized in five levels. A Category 1 storm produces winds that range from 74-95 MPH. The most powerful Category 5 storm generates […]

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