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What to Know If Your Kids Get Hurt While on Vacation

You should not let a fear of injury or illness keep you from traveling with your children. Kids are incredibly resilient and can withstand a variety of bumps and bruises while on vacation. Here are three things to know when traveling with kids that should ease your mind about what to do in the event of an unexpected injury.

Where to Go

Before you take off on your epic adventure, be sure to locate the closest medical facility. Knowing where to find an emergency room, as well as an urgent care facility, will save your sanity when an injury happens. The last thing that you want is to be driving around trying to find medical attention when you have a crisis on your hands. Knowing where the nearest pharmacy is located will also potentially help you when you need to purchase medical supplies in a hurry.

Some Bumps and Bruising is Okay

It is not uncommon for kids to get hurt while on vacation. Understandably, the excitement of a big trip makes some children run wild. This behavior is normal and it is important to remember that most kids are pretty tough. It is also normal for minors bumps and bruises to happen while on a trip. As a parent, it is your job to discern what is a minor injury and when you need to seek medical attention. Any sort of head injury should be treated with extreme caution. In kids, concussions can be very serious. Signs of a concussion to look for include vomiting, dizziness, loss of memory, and confusion. Should any of these symptoms present, it is vital that you visit an emergency center right away to be evaluated.

Go Prepared

One of the best things that you can do as a preventative measure is to pack along a basic first-aid kit. You are not going to want to interrupt your vacation to find a pharmacy to gather basic supplies should your child get hurt. In your first aid kit, be sure to include bandages, antiseptic, gauze, and disposable sterile gloves. In addition, a thermometer is always good to have on hand. Should an illness or injury occur, you won’t have to play a guessing game to know if your child has a temperature. It is also a good idea to pack basic medicine to treat injuries. Keeping pain relievers and skin rash creams on hand will save you the runaround while trying to enjoy your vacation. While you cannot prepare for every accident, having the right supplies with you will help you to treat various minor injuries without having to disrupt your trip. Do not forget to bring your insurance cards as well as any other important medical information.

Although you cannot keep all mishaps from happening while away from home, you can equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to handle a variety of medical emergencies. The important thing is to keep calm in these situations, and your family will be back to having an enjoyable vacation in no time.

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