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Make Your Family’s Trip to the Beach Perfect With These 5 Things

Make Your Family’s Trip to the Beach Perfect With These 5 Things

Sometimes, you just have to take a drive to the beach to spend some time with your family. As the sunshine, waves, and sand call your name, and you have to decide what to pack to keep your family happy. Fortunately, there are a few ideas to consider when you begin looking at the things that your family will enjoy at the beach instead of a sand bucket and shovel.

Car Rides

When you go to the beach, you’re going to get sand on your feet and on the bottom of your shoes. But you can usually alleviate the stress on your car by using a protective floor mat, as car floor mats are designed to protect your car from sand, dirt, and other stain-causing material. Rubber floor mats often work better than carpet ones because you can easily spray them off with a water hose instead of vacuuming carpet.


Although one of the reasons you go to the beach is to have fun in the sun, you don’t want to get burnt. An umbrella can be positioned so that it provides that shade that your family needs while still enjoying the sunshine and warmth at the beach. When you set up your umbrella, position it so that other people can’t see a lot of the things you have by putting it in the sand at an angle. This will give you some privacy with your family.


There’s nothing like sitting on the beach and getting sand in your bathing suit. One way to help avoid this situation while still enjoying the day is by taking beach chairs with you. There are beach chairs of all sizes and designs so that everyone has their own chair to sit in on the beach. You can also find chairs with cup holders so that you have a cold drink nearby.


If you don’t want to go back and forth to your car or your hotel room all day, then take a bag or a cooler with snacks inside. Avoid snacks with a lot of sugar because they can deplete your energy levels during the day, and instead go for some fruits or chips. Water bottles and juice boxes are good to have on hand as well.


Part of a perfect beach trip includes playing in the sand. You can take a few shovels and pails, but consider taking a few games to play in the sand as well. Volleyball or spike ball are good options that will keep everyone busy and can sometimes lead to meeting new people. You might even want to rent a boat or go to the nearby water park so your kids can enjoy themselves even more. 

While you’re at the beach, try to enjoy the time that is spent with your family regardless of what you take. Store everything in a large beach bag so that it’s easier to carry. When you get ready to leave, don’t forget a family picture to remember your trip.

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