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Planning a Family Trip to Florida? Here Are 5 Family-Friendly Activities (Besides Disney)

Plan a Family Trip to Florida

Florida is an adventurous state with a lot of fun things to do all year round. The state is warm with hot temperatures and plenty of sunshine. The resorts are beautiful, and the scenery is amazing. Florida is surrounded by water so there are numerous beaches to visit. Every city in Florida has its own sense of originality and places for you to see. Here are five family-friendly activities to do  when visiting Florida:

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a group of tropical islands located off the southern coast of Florida. These islands include Key Largo, Bahia Honda Key, and Little Torch Key. They are teaming with wildlife, fauna and natural beauty. The entire family can participate in daily activities that include snorkeling and exploring shipwrecks under the ocean.

The Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando is a theme park and entertainment resort in Orlando, Florida. With vacation packages that the entire family can enjoy, everyone will love this trip. There are six themed islands based on famous characters such as Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter and Jurassic Park that will make the trip fun for everyone. Discover all the secrets of Universal Studios, like the secret spells in Diagon Alley,  a piece of the Berlin Wall behind the Hard Rock Cafe, and Adam Kubert’s secret signatures on Marvel Superhero Island!

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is one of the many theme parks at Disney World. If you’re planning a trip to Florida with the kids, then you’ll be remissed if you don’t schedule in some time for Disney. The Magic Kingdom hosts Tomorrowland, the Carousel of Progress, Splash Mountain, and many others. You can even eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table. It’s definitely an Orlando attraction that you won’t want to miss on your family vacation.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a National Aeronautics and Space Administration field center that is open to the public. There is something for everyone to participate in at this complex. Avis says it is a must-see destination for anyone interested in the mystery of outer space. Here, you can meet an astronaut, take a bus tour, and try a space shuttle simulation to get a taste of what it’s really like up there among the stars. It is dedicated to space exploration, including current and ongoing missions.

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive park that allows visitors to have an up-close experience with dolphins. The family can swim with dolphins for up to 30 minutes and watch them perform tricks. Children can feed, touch them and take pictures with dolphins. The park also permits visitors to swim with sharks and feed stingrays.

Florida is a beautiful state with amazing attractions. There are swampy parts and beaches that you will not find anywhere else in the United States. The animals are exquisite and can only be found in Florida. Vacation with your family in Florida will create everlasting memories.

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